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E-LambdanNet: what's in a name?

 E-Lambdanet Corporation is creating new leading-edge-technologies on electronics, photonics, and networks, and their innovative products well to do world, such as real time High-Definition optical Local Area Network Systems and their Equipments.The name of E-LambdaNet(ELN for short) comes from E for Electronics, Lambda in Greek which stands for light-wavelength, and Net for Networks.

  ELN provides you with Optical Information and Communication Technologies (O-ICT) and associated Services.
  ELN works on research and development in the O-ICT field, has produced a variety of newly developed network systems and devices and offers products and technology-consulting services. ELN also works with the Eight-Lambda-Forum to promote business in the field of multi-wavelength optical networks and leading-edge photonics technologies.

  Since ELN was founded in 2005, its R & D into advanced photonic networks and devices has been carried out in collaboration with partner companies and Universities, government organizations including NTT, NTT-AT, the Japanese Ministries such as MIC(Internal Affairs and Communications, MEXT(Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and METI(Economy, Trade and Industry)
in Japan.
  ELN also has been promoting actively to expand optical business and technology information-exchange in the field of multi-wavelength optical communications and leading-edge optical technologies through special forum, Eight Lambda Forum since 1997.

Products and Services
1. End-to-End Multi-wavelength Optical Fiber Communication Network Systems

 ELN has developed Wavelength-Assignment-Photonic-Switching Networks which consist of eight-wavelength terminal communication boards for PCs, optical switching fabrics and the software for network processing.
 ELN makes products designed to fit the needs of many different users from local high-speed and large capacity file transmission, high-definition-TV multi-pass broadcasting and mutual communications, and multi-high-definition video monitoring networks.
This research was supported by MEXT in 2002-2004.
2. High-Definition Video over IP Trasmission Systems HIT8

 ELN offers high-definition video over IP transmission systems
HIT 8 in collaboration with Canopus Co, Ltd., including PC-boards for input from HDV-cameras and application-software.
 This system makes multi-cast delivery HDTVs and mutual-communication HDTVs as used in video conferencing.

HDV-Transmission Technologies

3. Real time high definition video optical transmission Network Systems

 Newly developed HDV-OTRs are real time high-definition video optical transceivers which convert the O/E and E/O of HDMI/DVI-high speed signals.
According to custumer request, several types of HDV-OTRs are available.
An HDV/DVI-high speed signal is transmitted by  using   4-wavelength CWDM-optical waves.
HDV-OTRs with 4-short wavelengths- VCSELs are used for plastic optical fiber applications, such as remote education systems, remote supervision systems and remote operation systems, and remote diagnoses systems. For single-mode glass fiber applications, DFB-lasers with 4- ITU standard wavelengths are used.

HDV-OTRs Catalog(PDF File)


A 10-wavelength CWDM optical interface box ONIB10

newly developed  has 2-HDMI/DVI optical channels and2-1000 base-T optical channels through one input and one output fibers and can exchange end-to-end terminal switching by selecting the wavelength at the terminals with PCs. Two HDV-displays at each station can offer real time group communications, which are very useful for remote group diagnoses. 

ONIB Catalog(PDF File)
4. Development and Sales of Optical Devices
 ELN products are customer focused. For example, to meet customer needs ELN can provide: multi-wavelength optical sources for use in universities and laboratories, optical switch fabric, transceivers and media-converters.
5. Technology consulting Services and Technology-Evaluation Services
 ELN staff can offer the following technology consulting services:
a. Design technology and fabrication technology for very high-speed devices:
HBTs, HEMTs, MMICs, and photonic semiconductor devices.
b. b. Technology- assessment for investment.
6. Coordination services
 ELN coordinates and runs forums promoting advanced future technologies and mutual innovative technology exchange in order to expand business for members. This forum has promote the open innovation of advanced optical technologies and business in Japan as well as in the world.


Executive members
Takayuki Sugeta president, and member of the Board,
former member of the Board of NTT-AT,
former director of NTT
Tadahiko Yasuimember of the Board,
professor of the Toyama Prefectural University
former director of Mitsubishi Electric Company,
former director of NTT
Hidetoshi Andomember of the Board,
president of the System Engineering Corporation
Kohichi Yamashitamember of the Board,
former director of the NTT-AT
Shigeru Kuriharaauditor,
former president of FK-Optical Engineering Laboratory Inc.
Junichi Mizusawaadviser,
professor of Aoyama Gakuin University,
former director of NTT

Headquarters 2-12-24, Yaei, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa Pref. 252-0229 Japan
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Tel/Fax +81-42-755-8785
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URL http://www.e-lambdanet.com/eng.html (English)
http://www.e-lambdanet.com/ (Japanese)

Partner Companies and Laboratories
 System Engineering Corporation,FK Optical Lab Co.,Ltd.,Telebusines Inc., Sekisui Chemical Co.,Ltd., Asahi Glass Co.,Ltd.,.Keio University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Toyama Prefectural University, JST, etc.

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